Serendipity- My new show!

Serendipity at the Lemon Tree

Serendipity at the Lemon Tree

This past month, I received an Artist Exchange Residency at Aberdeen Performing Arts for the development of my new show, Serendipity. The time spent working on the show was thrilling! I worked with Graeme Nixon from the Mindfulness Department at Aberdeen University and Mel Woods from University of Dundee to better understand how serendipity can be something we create.

The show explores the question- is good fortune just luck, or is it a state of mind? Through direct address, stories, and live social experiments, I wanted the show to take audiences on a reflective journey into their own experiences with happy accidents.

The development resulted in a performance at the Lemon Tree which was a complete blast!

Now I’m delighted to share that I’ll be teaming up with Open Road, a UK production company, as the show continues to grow. Check out more here:

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